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Byte the Bullet

There are two more functions that you may want to know: how to stop Microsoft Word from creating lists and how to remove the bullets.


1. Try This: Stop Creating Lists

Go to the last line in your numbered list.

Hit the Enter key to create a new line.

Please type the following:

1. Charlotte's Website.


What Do You See? The new text will be included in the list automatically. Do you see the little option? The option wizard lets you:  Undo Automatic Numbering.

Stop Automatically Creating Numbered Lists.


2. Try This, Too: Remove the Bullets

Select the text that you formatted with bullets.

Go to Home->Paragraph->Bullets.

Each Bullet option also can a formatting for none: no bullets or lists.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

2. Formatting Content

2-7. Apply bullets to a document: Automatic Numbering Options