Paragraph Spacing

Try This: Line Spacing

Select the sample list.

Go to Home ->Paragraph.

Select: Line Spacing Options.


What Do You See? Go to the page for Indents and Spacing. Consider this: There are two parts to formatting paragraphs. You can adjust the leading between the lines of text. That's the line spacing.


In the example on this page, the line spacing is double, a term that came from 20th century typewriters. 


You can also adjust the space between paragraphs. This is the paragraph spacing. In this screen shot, the Spacing Before and After the paragraph is zero.


Paragraph Spacing Adding 6 to 10 pts of extra white space (the technical term is leading) after a paragraph or bulleted list makes it easier to find and read.


Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

2. Formatting Content

2-4. Apply spacing settings to text and paragraphs: Paragraph Spacing

Home -> Paragraph ->Line Spacing Options