References -> Footnotes-> Insert Footnote

References: Footnotes

Footnotes are used in printed or published documents to explain, comment upon or provide more detail.


There are two parts to a footnote: the reference mark, and the reference text at the bottom of the page (or end of the document) that is linked to it.


Before You Begin: Place your cursor at end of one of the paragraphs in this sample document.


Try This: Insert a Footnote

Go to References-> Footnotes.

Click on Insert Footnote.


What Do You See? A reference mark will be placed at the text. Your cursor should be in the Reference Text, at the bottom of the page.


Please type some sample text in several paragraphs. 

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core
6. Applying References and Hyperlinks
6-2. Create Endnotes and Footnotes in a document: Footnotes