References -> Footnotes-> Footnote Options

Footnote Options

You can edit the numbering and the number format if you wish. Here are the Footnote Options.


Try This: Edit the Footnote Options

Go to References-> Footnotes.
Click on Footnote Options, the little arrow in the bottom right corner.

What Do You See? The options are:

Number format: for example i, ii, iii or 1,2,3 or a, b, c.


Custom mark: you can replace the default with a symbol if you wish.


Start at: you can indicate what number you would like to start at.


Numbering: The numbers can continue from the first page to the last. Each section can begin at a different number as well.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core
6. Applying References and Hyperlinks
6-2. Create Endnotes and Footnotes in a document: Footnote Options