Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

2. Formatting Content

2-1. Apply font and paragraph attributes: Apply Styles

Home -> Styles

She's Just My Style

2. Try This: Format the Styles

Select: Computers Are Us.

Select Heading 1 from the Styles.


Select the next two lines of type.

Select Heading 2 from the Styles.


Try This, Too: Highlight the date

Select Strong from the Style library

Strong is a term that is also used in formatting HTML text for web pages. It means bold.

In a 6-8 page document, there may be dozens of headlines. Letís see: if you change the type font, size, and color for 20 headlines that would require 60 actions. What are the chances that you will make a mistake and forget one of the attributes? 

When you use Styles, the formatting is consistent and efficient.