Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

3. Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content

3-5. Create and modify headers and footers: Section Breaks

Header and Footer Tools -> Design-> Navigation

Different Footers

Working with the sections requires some thought. The key to making this option work is the Link to Previous command. When that link is turned off, you can make each Section have unique Headers and Footers.


Try it: Remove Link to Previous

Go to page 3, Issues of Concern.

Double click the Header to open it.

Type: Computer Upgrade.

Tab to the center of the Header.

Type: Issues of Concern.


Use the Navigation buttons to go to the Next Section, Phase 1.

Do NOT Link to Previous. (Click it off)

Type in the Header: Phase 1.

Try it with Phase 2 and Phase 3, too.


What Do You See? Are the Next and Previous Sections different?


What If It Doesn't Work? Please start again from page one and make sure the sections are NOT linked. Then add the text.