Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

3. Tracking and Referencing Documents

3.4. Create an index in a document: Mark Text for an Index

Memo to Self: When you mark an entry for the index you are adding a bit of code to the text, just like the Styles.


The Show/Hide command will reveal the Index code:

{XE "Control"}.


Mark an Index Entry

What Do You See?  The text you selected will be the Main entry. You can add a Subentry if you wish. At the bottom of this screen you can check whether you want a Bold or Italic page number format. .


What Else Do You see? You can use this dialogue box to create a Cross-reference as well. A cross-reference is another entry that supports or explains this topic.


Try This, Too: Please repeat these steps for each topic that you want to include in the Index


References -> Index ->Mark Entry