Combo Properties

8. Try This: Edit the Combo Properties

Enter a Title for the Combo Box.

Do NOT check Contents cannot be edited.

Add to the Drop-Down List

Type a Display Name and Value


Add the follow sample items to the list.


Display Name: Windows Vista

Value: Vista


Display Name: Windows XP

Value: XP


Display Name: Windows 7

Value: Win7


The Display Name is what you will see in the list when you click on the Combo Box. The Value is the information stored when you choose an item from the list.


You can shuffle the items in the list by selecting it and using the Move Up or Move Down options.

Developer -> Controls -> Properties


Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

5. Managing Macros and Forms

5.4. Manipulate forms: Create a Combo Box


Memo to Self: Previous versions of Microsoft Word had a button to Add Help Text. The Help Text was shown in the Status Bar at the bottom of the form.

By default, the Display Name In Word 2010 says: Choose an item. You can Modify the Display Name to give your users more information or directions if you wish.