Developer -> Controls -> Rich Text Control

Rich Text Control

What Do You See? There should be a new Developer tab. There are two Text Controls. One is for Plain text, the other is for Rich text-big, bold, blue. The Rich text button (Aa) looks bold and blue.


5. Try This: Create a Text Control
Place your cursor to the right of the “Name” label.


Go to the Developer tab.

Find the Controls group.

Click the Rich Text Form Field (Aa).


What Do You See? You should see a new Control that instructs the user: Click here to enter text...


How Do You Remove a Form Field?

Say you added too many Text Fields. Click on the Field to select it. Press DELETE on your keyboard to remove the Field from this Form.

Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

5. Managing Macros and Forms

5.4. Manipulate forms: Add Controls to a form