AutoText, AutoCorrect and Other Fancy Mouse Options

AutoText: Microsoft Office also notices common words and offers to fill them in for you. The most obvious example is the names of the months.


Try This: Play With the AutoText

What do you see as you type the word February?


AutoText also inserts formatted symbols. If you type (tm), Microsoft Office will format the text as a superscript.  If you type :) Microsoft Office will substitute a smiley face. It is the Computer Mama's understanding that the symbol next to the smiley face means SmartAss, which would be accurate for her.


AutoCorrect: Microsoft Office automatically corrects a long, long list of the most common spelling mistakes. Prove it to yourself. Type: hte and watch the letters when you press the space bar.


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Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

5. Proofreading documents

5-1. Validate content by using spelling and grammar checking options



File ->Options ->Proofing ->AutoCorrect