Picture Tools -> Format -> Adjust -> Corrections

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

4-1. Insert and format Pictures in a document: Picture corrections



Picture Corrections

Today's digital cameras mount the flash on the front of the camera. This works reasonably well with the automatic settings that most people use. However, the in-your-face flash often creates dark pictures with flat lighting. You can correct the picture by adjusting the Brightness and Contrast.


Try it: Adjust the Brightness and Contrast
1. Go to Picture Tools -> Format.

Go to Adjust -> Corrections.

2. What Do You See?
You can Sharpen or Soften the edges in an image. The Brightness and Contrast adjust the Brightness (the amount of light) and the Contrast (the difference between absolute white to absolute black.) Each little square preview is a different percentage.