Shape Effects

Look to the right of the Shape Styles. There are three formatting options you can use: Shape  Fill, Shape Outline and Shape Effects. Shape Effects include shadows, reflections and glowing edges and 3-D rotation.


1. Try This. Format the Shape Effects

Click on the Text Box to select it.


2. Choose a Shape Effect

Go to Drawing Tools ->Format.

Click on Shape Effects.

Go to Shadow. You can choose any Shadow Style from the Library.


What Do You See? The shadows can be Outer (on the outside of the border) or Inner (on the inside.)


You can also choose a shadow with a Perspective, as if the light was shining from one corner or the other.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

4-4. Apply and manipulate text boxes: Shape Effects



Drawing Tools ->Format ->Shape Effects ->Shadows