Use the Linked Boxes

2. Try This, Too: Link the Text Boxes

Click on the first Text Box.

Go to Drawing Tools -> Format.

Click on: Create Link.


3. What Do You See? Your should see a cup that can "pour" the text into the second Text Box.

Click on the second Text Box.


What If It Doesn't Work?

Try this: Resize the Linked Text Boxes

Select the first Text Box.

You should see the small handles in each corner and around the sides of the Text Box when you select it.


Resize the first Text Box by using the bottom handles to make it smaller. As you make the first Text Box smaller, the type shows up in the second Text Box.


Where Have You Seen This Before? Many desktop publishing programs, such as Microsoft Publisher, use linked Text Boxes to create a newsletter. For example, the article may begin on the first page, but the rest of the story may jump (link) to page 5.


Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

2. Formatting Content

2.4. Link sections: Link Text Boxes



Text Box Tools -> Format -> Create Link




Memo to self: You can Create a Link, you can also Break a Link if you wish.