Save As a Template

2. Where Are You Saving It:

Select the Templates Folder.


3. What Is The File Name?

Charlotte FAX.


What Do You See?

The default file type is the new Word (docx.) format.


You need to choose Word Template from the extensive list of file types that Microsoft Office 2010 supports. A Word Template is a *.dotx file type.


4. What Are You Going to Do? Click on Save, please.


Keep going...

Memo to Self: The Microsoft Word Templates folder may be above the Favorites folders.

Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

1. Sharing and Maintaining Documents

1.3. Apply a Template to a document.


IMPORTANT: You need to save the Template in the Word Templates folder. Otherwise, it will not be available when you go to File->New...


File ->Save As -> Word Template