Finish the Mail Merge

If it all looks good, go to the next step and complete the merge. There are three options for completing the Mail Merge. Edit, Print and E-mail.


I usually choose to Edit Individual Letters. Microsoft Word will create a new, merged document that I can edit, save and print.


6. Try it: Finish & Merge

Go to the Mailings Ribbon and select Finish & Merge. Choose the option to Edit Individual Documents.


You’ve merged the data with the main document. Each client will get a flier with his own name on it. Totally cool…That took a few steps, but it was worth it.

Done and done. Save your work.

Name it: Charlotte Open House.


Mailings -> Finish & Merge

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

7. Performing Mail Merge Operations

7-2. Execute mail merge: Finish the Mail Merge