Select the Data Source

What Do You See? The Browse link may open a default folder. In this lesson, our Word file with the recipient names was saved in the Documents folder. You may need to switch to the Documents folder.


When you find the Sample Client List, please select it and click on Open.



What if it Doesn't Work? Older versions of Microsoft Word asked for a specific file type: perhaps an Access database. Since the File Type was predetermined, you might browse to the folder where you know you saved the file, and not see your work.


If that happens please try this: confirm that you did, indeed, browse to the correct folder.


If it is the right location, change the File Type. Look in the bottom right corner of the browser: Change the File Type to All Data Sources.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

7. Performing Mail Merge Operations

7-1. Setup mail merge: Step by Step Wizard Select the Data Source


Mailings -> Start Mail Merge -> Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard -> Labels