Link to Your Bookmarks

You can hyperlink to a place in this webpage. It is similar to creating a hyperlink to an existing webpage. Here are the steps.

Before Your Begin: Select the text in cell A2: Is It Too Late for Grafting?


Try This: Link to a Bookmark

Go to Insert ->Links->Hyperlink.

When the Insert Hyperlink window opens, please select Place in this Document.


What Do You See? There should be four Bookmarks in this document.

Match, Match, Match the Text to the Bookmark that it refers to.

Choose: Late.


Keep going: add the other hyperlinks by selecting the text in cell A2 and matching a hyperlink to each of the three remaining Bookmarks: Results, Walnuts and Trees.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

6. Applying References and Hyperlinks

6-1. Apply a hyperlink: Link to the Bookmarks


Insert -> Links -> Hyperlink