Run the Macro

What Do You See? There should be a new Macro Group on the Home Ribbon. The Add New Rows button should be in this Group.


So, Try It: Click the Button

Select Row 22.(the one with the SUM)

Go to Home->Macros.

Click on Add New Row.

Did It Work? You should see a new Row that includes date, product name, price and quantity. The formula in the Revenue column should be there as well.


What if it Doesn't Work? You may receive a message about Macro security.


First, save this spreadsheet as a Macro-enabled workbook. Here are the steps: page 269


Second, edit the Macro Security. Here are the step: page 270.

Exam 77-888: Microsoft Excel Expert 2010

4. Working with Macros and Forms

4.1. Create and manipulate macros.

Home ->Macros-> Add New Row