Where Did You Save It?

By default, Microsoft Office saves files in the Documents folder. You can change the default location if you wish. This option can be found under the File menu in the new Backstage.

Try This: Review the Default Location for Saving Your Spreadsheets
Go to File ->Options.
Select the category: Save.

What Do You See? You can use the Browse button to find and select a different folder to be the default location when you Save a file.


What Else Do You See? The AutoRecover saves your work every 10 minutes. By default, Microsoft Excel keeps the last autosaved version, even if you close without saving.

Please OK to close the Excel Options.

File -> Options ->Save

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

1. Managing the Worksheet Environment

1.3. Personalize environment by using Backstage: Options for Save