View: New Window

Say your Excel workbook has a two or more spreadsheets that you are working on. You can open any spreadsheet in a New Window.


Before You Begin:

Open the sample file: Checkbook 2010.

This workbook has two spreadsheets: Checkbook and Salary.


6. Try This: View in a New Window

Select a spreadsheet: Salary.

Go to View->Window.

Click on Open in New Window.


What Do You See? In this screenshot on this page, the Salary spreadsheet opened in a New Window. The name is displayed as CheckBook 2010: 2, indicating that is a second copy, or view, of the data.


Memo to Self: The Salary spreadsheet is still a part of the sample file, ChekBook 2010. When you edit the data in CheckBook 2010:2 it will be saved in the original CheckBook 2010 file that you began with.


Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

4. Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

4.2. Manipulate Window views: View New Window

View -> Window-> New Window