Save as PDF

PDf means Portable Document File. The PDF format was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 as a way to represent documents in a way that was independent of which program created the document or which operating system might be running on your computer-today or 20 years ago. 


XPS means XML Paper Specification. XPS is the open source format developed by Microsoft in 2009. It is also independent of software or operating system.


1. Try it: Save as PDF or XPS

Go to File ->Save and Send.
Go to
Send Using E-mail

Click on Create PDF/XPS.


Keep going.. let's look at the options.

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

7. Sharing worksheet data with other users

7.1. Share spreadsheets by using Backstage: Create PDF/XPS

File ->Save and Send-> Send Using E-mail->Create PDf/XPS