Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

3. Formatting Cells and Worksheets

3.2. Merge or split cells

Home -> Alignment -> Merge and Center

Still Before You Begin

There are a couple of formatting tasks that should be done. First, add two blank rows at the top of the spreadsheet. Next, select two cells and merge them.


4. Try This: Add Two Rows

Select Row 1.

Go to Home->Cells->Insert.

Click on Insert->Insert Sheet Rows.

There should be a new Row 1.

Repeat to add a second, blank Row.


Try This, Too: Merge Two Cells

Select Cells A2:B2.

Go to Home -> Alignment.

Click on Merge and Center.


What Do You See? When you click on Merge and Center, the two Cells that you selected will be combined into one Cell.


Do This Now: Save Your Work

Go to File->Save As.

Enter a new name: Sales 2010 Complete.