Insert -> Sparkline -> Line

Add Some Spark

Microsoft Excel 2010 has a new feature called Sparklines. A Sparkline is a little chart that helps people see the trends. It is another way of picturing the data.


1. Try This: Add a Sparkline

Select the new merged Cell.

Go to Insert -> Sparkline.

Click on Line.


You will be asked to select the Ranges:

Data Range: B4:B12

Location Range: $A$2.


Keep going...


What If It Doesn't Work? Look at the Location Range. You may have noticed that the Location Range was listed as $A$2:$B$2. You need to correct this or you may receive an error message about an invalid Range.

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

6. Presenting Data Visually

6.4. Apply Sparklines