Use the Scheduling Assistant

What Do You See? The Scheduling Assistant should open. Each Attendee is listed on the left. The Calendar is on the right. The Current Meeting time is shaded yellow.


The Proposed New Time is shown.

The Start Time is the green line at 12:00.

The End Time is the red line at 2:00.


2. Try it: AutoPick Next

Click on AutoPick Next.

AutoPick reviews the Calendars and selects the next Start Time that is free for everyone. If there is no data, the Start Time will advance to the next half hour.


If you are following these steps using your own E-mail address, click Propose Time.

A Meeting Response will open. Click Send.


Keep going.

Meeting ->Response->Propose New Time

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

5. Managing Calendar Objects

5.1. Create and manipulate appointments and events: Propose a New Time for a Meeting

Respond: The Attendee's Calendar