Edit Quick Steps

Quick Steps, like Macros, can string together several action steps, one after another. In this example the message will be moved to a specific folder, marked as unread and flagged for follow up.


3. Try it: Edit the Quick Steps

Edit the first Action: Move to Folder.

Select the folder: Training.


Edit the second Action: Mark as unread.


Try This, Too: Add Another Action

Click on Add Action.

Edit the third Action: Flag Message,

Choose the Follow Up: Tomorrow.

Click Save to return to the Inbox.


Trust, but Verify: Select a practice message and try the Training Quick Step. Did it move the practice message, mark it as unread and add a follow up Flag? Keep going...


Memo to Self: You can use the X to the right of any Action to Delete that step.

Home ->Quick Steps->Create New->Options

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

2. Creating and Formatting Item Content

2.2. Create and manage Quick Steps: Edit the Quick Steps