Manage Quick Steps

You can edit the Quick Steps or create your own if you wish. The best place to start is the Quick Step Manager.


4. Try it: Manage Quick Steps

Go to Home ->Quick Steps->More.

Click on Manage Quick Steps. 

What Do You See? There are a handful of built-in Actions (Done, Reply & Delete, etc.) as well as the Training Quick Step.


When you select a Quick Step, you will see a Description of the Actions, Shortcut Key and Tooltip. The Shortcut Key is a combination of key strokes (numbers, letters, or function keys) that will run the Quick Step. The Tooltip is the information that a User sees when a mouse runs over the Quick Steps library.


Manage Quick Steps offers these tools:

Edit, Duplicate, Delete.

Keep going...

Home ->Quick Steps->More->Manage Quick Steps

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

2. Creating and Formatting Item Content

2.2. Create and manage Quick Steps: Manage Quick Steps