Picture Tools -> Format -> Adjust -> Compress

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

4. Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

4-1. Insert and format Pictures in a document: Compress picture



Compress the Picture

The Adjustment group has a useful tool for reducing the size of your pictures. There are times when you need to make a document smaller so that it can be easily shared on the Internet via email or uploaded to a forum. 

Try it: Compress the Picture
1. Go to Picture Tools -> Format.
Go to Adjust -> Compress.

2. What Do You See?
Microsoft Word prompts you to choose whether this image should be reduced to 150 ppi, which is good for web pages, or 96 ppi, which is smaller for email.

You can choose to compress just the picture you selected, or all of the pictures in this document.