The Quick Parts Footer

Look across the Insert Ribbon and you will see many kinds of Quick Parts. For example, there are Quick Part Headers, Footers, and Text Boxes.


1. Try This: Insert a Footer

Go to Insert ->Footer.

Select Building Block Organizer.

Scroll down to Alphabet and double click the Footers.


2. What Do You See? Look at the bottom of your document. Your cursor should be in a new footer at the bottom of your page.


Suggested Sample Type:

Charlotte's Web Site (810) 555-1212.


The footer is formatted with the font, size, color and alignment of the Alphabet template. Can you select the type and use the tools on the Home Ribbon to edit the formatting?

Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

2. Formatting Content

2.3. Construct reusable content in a document: Quick Parts Footers



Insert ->Footer