The Building Block Organizer

The Built-In Headers, Footers, Text Boxes and AutoText are Building Blocks.


Microsoft Word 2010 gathers all of the Building Blocks into an an extensive table called the Building Block Organizer.


Try It: Organize Building Blocks

Go to Insert ->Quick Parts.

Select Building Block Organizer.


What Do You See?

Do you see the AutoText entries: words as well as pictures?


There are six properties you can edit to identify and organize your Building Blocks.


At the top of the list of Building Blocks are the column headers. Click on Name, and the list will be sorted alphabetically A-Z. You can sort the Building Blocks by Name, Gallery, or Category.

Exam 77-887: Microsoft Word Expert 2010

2. Formatting Content

2.3. Construct reusable content in a document: Building Block Organizer



Insert ->Quick Parts -> Building Block Organizer