By default, Word is looking for a database (.mdb) file.

You need to change Files of Type to Excel.



Where are the Recipients?
By default Microsoft Word looks for a database. The browser may take you to Office14->Queries folder because that is the default location for the database queries. This is useful to know, but it is not where we are headed right now.

In this example, we already have a data source: our Friends and Family spreadsheet in Excel. In these screen shots, the spreadsheet has been saved in the Documents folder.

What Do You See? Look at All Data Sources: Microsoft Excel is just one of many, many Data Sources you can use in a Mail Merge.

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Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

7. Performing Mail Merge Operations

7-1. Setup mail merge: Use Existing List


Mailings -> Start Mail Merge ->Select Recipients