Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

6. Applying References and Hyperlinks

6-1. Apply a hyperlink: Use Bookmarks

Memo to self: This is a preview of the Bookmarks.

Another Way to Navigate

A Bookmark is a method for selecting and naming a place in your document You can go to that Bookmark with a hyperlink. Many Internet Browsers use Bookmarks to mark your place in a website. Word uses Bookmarks to mark your place in a document.

Before You Begin: There is a sample file available online for this lesson. It is called Fruit and Nuts.doc.


You can download it and save it to your Documents folder. It is a one-page document with four headlines and four or five paragraphs. The four headlines will be used to create Bookmarks for the hyperlinks.


Insert -> Links -> Hyperlink ->Bookmarks