Formulas -> Defined Names->Define Name

Name a Range

So far so good. The goal is to select a RANGE of cells and then name it. The example on this page shows how to create a Defined Name with the Formula Ribbon.


3. Try This: Name a Range

The sample spreadsheet is open to the Original Data. Cells E1:E58 are selected

Go to Formulas->Defined Names.

Click on Define Name.


What Do You See? You will be prompted to enter a Name. By default, Microsoft Excel chose the label from Cell E1.


What Else Do You See? The New Name Refers to: ='Original Data'!$E$1:$E$58


All good formulas begin with equals: =


'Original Data' is the name of the sheet.


The Range of Cells, $E$1:$E$58 is defined with Absolute Cell References.

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

5. Applying Formulas and Functions

5.3. Apply cell references in formulas: Use Absolute and Relative cell references