Send as XPS

You can convert a workbook to a PDF or an XPS file and then send it as an email attachment. It is a "one-click" process that works rather effectively. Here are the steps.


Try it: Save as PDF or XPS

Go to File ->Save and Send.
Go to Send Using E-mail

Click on Send as PDF/XPS.


What Do You See? When you choose Send as PDF/XPS, a new message will open with the XPS file attached.




Another Reminder: The image on this page shows a new email in Microsoft Outlook 2010. The option to Send as Attachment may not work if you use webmail (such as Gmail, Yahoo mail or AOL) as your default email.

Exam 77-882: Microsoft Excel 2010 Core

7. Sharing worksheet data with other users

7.1. Share spreadsheets by using Backstage: Create PDF/XPS

File ->Save and Send-> Send Using E-mail->Send as XPS