Meeting: Contact Attendees

What Do You See? When you click View All Proposals, Outlook will show the Scheduling.


What Don't You See? These screen shots do not show the Free/Busy times for our attendees. The attendees may all use Outlook for their scheduling, however, the Calendars are not yet available online. We will look at the options for publishing a Calendar later in our book.


Update the Meeting Request: If there is no data online, how can you find out more? Ask.


4. Try it: Contact the Attendees

Go to Meeting ->Attendees.

Click on Contact Attendees.


What Do You See? You can reach out to your attendees with a New E-mail or Reply to All.

What Else Do You See? By default, the Attendees Response Options include Request Reponses and Allow New Time Proposals.


Keep going, please.

Meeting ->Attendees->Contact Attendees

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

5. Managing Calendar Objects

5.1. Create and manipulate appointments and events: Update a Meeting Request