Conversation Clean Up 

5. Try it: Review the Clean Up Settings

The Outlook Options list many categories on the left side. The Conversation Clean Up section is in the Mail Options, about half way down the page.

What Do You See? You can use the Browse button to choose a folder for the Cleaned-up items if you wish.


By default, messages that are unread, categorized, flagged, digitally-signed are not moved to the Deleted Items folder. If someone edits a message in their reply, the original will not be moved, either.


Click Cancel to return to the Clean Up.

Click Cancel, again, to return to the Inbox. Keep going...!

Home ->Delete->Clean Up->Clean Up Folder->Settings

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.1. Clean up the mailbox: Use Cleanup Tools