Handling Junk Mail 

If you have an E-mail account you are going to get unsolicited messages that you don't want. Junk mail can be handled with rules as well. Messages can be indentified as junk and moved to the Deleted Items folder (trash) automatically. Spam can be thrown away before it even hits the Inbox. <grin>


There are several ways to filter your E-mail. The basic system is white list/black list. The white list has the names and domains of the "good guys in white hats." These are people or companies that you trust. The black list are ones you cannot trust.


1. Try This: Review the Junk Mail Options
Select a sample E-mail message.

Go to Home ->Delete->Junk.


What Do You See? The options include;

Block Sender

Never Block Sender

Never Block Sender's Domain

Never Block This Group or Mailing List


Keep going...

Home ->Delete->Junk

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.3. Manage junk mail: Identify Junk Mail