Identify by Person

You can identify the bad people and Block their E-mails. When you Block a sender, that means your E-mail server won't even send any messages from that sender to your Inbox.


You can also identify good people (Never Block Sender) and add them to the Safe Sender List. Here are the steps.


2. Try it: Never Block Sender

Select an E-mail from someone you trust.

Go to Home ->Junk->Never Block Sender.


What Do You See? A pop up should confirm that the sender of the selected message has been added to the Safe Sender List.


Click OK. Keep going...


Memo to Self: You can also use this option for your team if you wish. Select the message that has your team's mailing list and go to Never Block a Group or Mailing List.

It works.

Home ->Junk->Never Block Sender

Exam 77-884: Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. Managing Email Messages

3.3. Manage junk mail: Never Block Sender