Conditional Rules

You can program the Rules to print only certain records. The Mail Merge Rules can be conditional: IF this condition is met, THEN print this record as part of the Merge.


Try This: Use a Different Rule

Go to Mailings->Write and Insert Fields.
Go to Rules-> Next Record If.


What Do You See? A little window will pop up that you can enter the conditions.


In this example, the Mail Merge will show the next record IF the city is Ann Arbor.


Where Have You Seen This Before? Many products use Word's Mail Merge to create customer letters. QuickBooks, for example, has a set of Mail Merge Templates for billing, collections and marketing.


The Rules in QuickBooks Mail Merges can be set to only send notices to customers who have a balance greater than 0.

Exam 77-881: Microsoft Word 2010 Core

7. Performing Mail Merge Operations

7-1. Setup mail merge: Mail Merge Rules


Mailings -> Write and Insert Fields -> Rules